Life lessons

I learned a very valuable lesson last Saturday.

Don't watch a scary zombie movie right before going to bed, or else you will dream of scary zombies who are out to get you.

Let that be a lesson for you.


What does it mean when you almost run over a squirrel on your bicycle? To the point that the little bugger bounces off your foot?

Gotta love those Kurt Vonnegut references

So tonight at Spamalot we had an appearance of Kilgore Trout. There is a section of the show where an audience member is brought up on stage. Today, when asked what his name was, the person told John Hurley "Kilgore Trout" (who is a fictional character created by Kurt Vonnegut). It was great: John always asks for his first name, followed up with "and does your baloney have a second name?". tonight, when told the name was Kilgore, stated "you must have had a tough time on the playground as a child".
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Morning commute

Biking to work this morning I had to make a slight detour as I came upon a moose upon the trail. Not on the trail, not next to the trail, but in the middle of the bridge I use to cross Chester Creek. I'm not generally made nervous by moose but I figured trying to pass that close to a moose would be pushing my luck. So I ended up biking down to the next bridge and crossing there. Sure enough, the moose was still there munching away at a bush when I came around the other side...

Education in the smallest of ways

My husband just learned tonight why you poke a potato before sticking it in the oven to bake. I'm standing in the kitchen when I hear a muffled "boom" come from the oven. Sure enough, the potato exploded all over the oven.

This is what I learn from not given really specific instructions for getting potatoes ready to bake. But I guarantee he'll remember what to do the next time I call from work asking for some help in getting dinner started.

I loves him so much. *smile*

catch up

Good news: tailbone is hurting much less than it did a week ago

Bad news: it still hurts

Good news: I can't be broken at this rate

Bad news: Hurts enough I can't go skiing, running, or even walking.

Good news: Since it is only bruised, I should heal much faster than if it was broken, and be able to get back to ski/run/bike/etc much sooner.

Bad news: Dropping out of the Tour of Anchorage ski race as it is in two weeks and I doubt I will be able to ski well by then, let alone do a 15 mile race.

Oh, and we went to see "Rainmaker" at ACT last night. Good show, the acting felt a little forced in spots but a solid show. And I got to hear about the "wardrobe malfunction" from opening night. *giggle*

Beautiful day, with ups and downs

In case you are still in bed with the covers pulled up over your head, you can't help but notice that it is a beautiful day outside today! Sun is shining, temps are warm, birds are ravaging the feeder.... just lovely.

Considering it is only 2pm and still early afternoon, I do have to say that so far today has been nice with just a few bumps. Slept in late, got up and went skate skiing. It was so nice out, with snow covering the woods, birds out flying from tree to tree, quiet. I got to watch a Stellar Jay hop around as well as watch two bald eagles fly right overhead, just above the treeline screeching at each other. Perfect.

Not so perfect part of skiing? Fell down and landed on my tailbone. I think I bruised/cracked it. Don't think I outright broke it but it definitely hurts. And my ski race is in 3 weeks. I may end up having to drop out of the race (which is sad but not heartbreaking as I was really struggling with skate skiing). We will have to see how I'm feeling in the next few days.

I just feel bad for my husband, seeing that it is Valentines Day and all. Sex is completely out of the question right now. I guess it is a good thing I bought him some nice chocolates already. :-)
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Week revisted

Have had a very nice first week back home from vacation. I think I've finally got my sleep schedule re-adjusted for this time zone which is glorious after 3 nights of popping awake at 3:30am. I've run errands, had lunch with friends, watched movies, went to Bear Tooth with a bud to see "Milk", etc. Went skiing yesterday and today (yesterday about 3.5 miles, today 5 miles). I'm a bit worried I will not be prepared to skate ski the 25k Tour of Anchorage in a month. But all I can do is keep plugging away at it. Skied from Pt Woronzof to Kincaid today, with the last mile completely kicking my booty. Still, it was a beautiful sunny day.

Last night I got to see the Martha Graham Dance Co perform at the PAC. Completely last minute. Found out N had a voucher for me 40 minutes before showtime. I managed to find a date, get gussied up, get parked and get tickets in time to make the show. And then afterwards we went out for sushi (wahoo!).

This evening for entertainment I went to the Rouges and Wenches performance at the Wildberry Theater. Had a grand time, with a solid performance and very few technical fubars. Had a lovely time chatting with friends after the show. Made me so warm and fuzzy inside to see everyone. Truly, truly made me feel loved. :-)

Tomorrow: go running in the morning, funeral in the afternoon, and then perhaps more skiing in the eve. It has been a very nice week.
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Home Again

We made it back to AK yesterday safe and sound. Good trip, but a bit much on the traveling (total of 10 plane rides, 2 bus rides, 1 train ride, and several car/truck rides-- oh, and one day on a rented motorbike!). Glad to be home. The cats missed us, and we missed the cats and our bed. OMG it feels so good to be back in my own bed. Tons of stories, interesting tales, and pictures galore. Poor N had to go back to work today. Me? I'm not due back until Friday.

On the downside, it appears that a ton of s#!% has hit the fan at work. I don't know the whole story yet but I do know that my boss was laid off. Hard to work for a company that you don't respcet. Frustrating.

At least we have snow again and I can go skiing. Only 1 month until the Tour of Anchorage race, and I'm not really very comfortable with my skate ski ability. It will make for a very interesting race, that's for sure.

Now if I can only get my body back on a normal sleep schedule. I'm still about 8 hours off from here.
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