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Year of the Dragon, challenges of home ownership, and other things

It was -17 at the house Friday when we left for work. We came home to a heated downstairs and an ice cold upstairs. Oh joy! Was a toss-up between frozen pipes and a bad heater valve. Since we had just replaced the boiler and hot water heater, it was *possible* that the issue was a faulty valve. Had the heater people out-- no luck. Frozen pipes it would be.

Thankfully N called that evening and arranged for a guy to come out on Saturday. We were able to get things thawed, but when the guy was setting down one of the tools he touched it to the main water pipe that brings the water into the house, and burned a hole through it. So, off we went to turn off all the water to the house. He was able to replace the section and all was good though.

So now we have heat. Yay!! I am really, really ready for this cold snap to stop.
And.... now the battery to the car is dead. Thankfully N got a jump and is on his way to class.

I just learned that for the Chinese zodiac, the years that reflects the sign of your birth intend to have stronger.... peaks and valleys. Guess which sign both N and I are? The last time it was the Year of the Dragon was 2000, which was a defining year of my life and *definitely* had some really awful and great moments both.

We have cycled through to another year of the Year of the Dragon. It has now been 1 week since the Chinese New Year began, and let me list off the challenges we have had:
N is sick
the car is making noises and is going into the shop Monday (possibly issue w/clutch)
the pipes froze in the house
we had a water leak due to the process of fixing said frozen pipes
the car battery died

I'm waiting for those peaks to kick in at this point.

What I find most interesting though is my attitude towards it all. Usually a list of problems like this would be stressing me out and causing me much tension. I'm really very prosaic about it all. Perhaps because none of it was really within in my control or something I could have prevented (well, maybe the pipes if we had replaced the front door last year) so I'm less wigged than usual. Still, I think we've had a full week of challenges and I'm ready for a break.

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