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Easter Plans

My easter plans this year?

Patrick Swayze Movie Marathon

How did this come about, you ask? Well, N is going out of town to Memphis for the weekend to a BBQ class to learn how to BBQ (long story). We realized later that it was over easter weekend. Now, this isn't a big deal as neither of us really celebrate the holiday other than to enjoy the chocolate goodies that come from it. However, I do always enjoy memories of easter brunch and would like to do that again.

Que in South Pacific... I worked wardrobe for Anchorage Opera's performance of South Pacific. Which got me thinking about "Dirty Dancing". The show that the clubhouse was putting on was South Pacific, which made me want to watch the movie again. Which led to conversations with Sandy about Patrick Swayze movies, and the realization that I've never seen "Roadhouse". Which leads us to decide having a Patrick Swayze movie marathon night. Not something that N would necessarily enjoy, and Sandy hates easter, so what better way to spend my Sunday?

So far we've decided on Dirty Dancing, Roadhouse, The Outsiders, One Last Dance (for the dancing of course), & maybe Donnie Darko. Ghost was soooo not on the list-- can't stand it, way too sappy.

The plan is to have brunch and watch movies all day. Eat chocolate and popcorn... in comfy pajamas... what better way to spend the holiday?

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