Year of the Dragon, challenges of home ownership, and other things

It was -17 at the house Friday when we left for work. We came home to a heated downstairs and an ice cold upstairs. Oh joy! Was a toss-up between frozen pipes and a bad heater valve. Since we had just replaced the boiler and hot water heater, it was *possible* that the issue was a faulty valve. Had the heater people out-- no luck. Frozen pipes it would be.

Thankfully N called that evening and arranged for a guy to come out on Saturday. We were able to get things thawed, but when the guy was setting down one of the tools he touched it to the main water pipe that brings the water into the house, and burned a hole through it. So, off we went to turn off all the water to the house. He was able to replace the section and all was good though.

So now we have heat. Yay!! I am really, really ready for this cold snap to stop.
And.... now the battery to the car is dead. Thankfully N got a jump and is on his way to class.

I just learned that for the Chinese zodiac, the years that reflects the sign of your birth intend to have stronger.... peaks and valleys. Guess which sign both N and I are? The last time it was the Year of the Dragon was 2000, which was a defining year of my life and *definitely* had some really awful and great moments both.

We have cycled through to another year of the Year of the Dragon. It has now been 1 week since the Chinese New Year began, and let me list off the challenges we have had:
N is sick
the car is making noises and is going into the shop Monday (possibly issue w/clutch)
the pipes froze in the house
we had a water leak due to the process of fixing said frozen pipes
the car battery died

I'm waiting for those peaks to kick in at this point.

What I find most interesting though is my attitude towards it all. Usually a list of problems like this would be stressing me out and causing me much tension. I'm really very prosaic about it all. Perhaps because none of it was really within in my control or something I could have prevented (well, maybe the pipes if we had replaced the front door last year) so I'm less wigged than usual. Still, I think we've had a full week of challenges and I'm ready for a break.

Easter Plans

My easter plans this year?

Patrick Swayze Movie Marathon

How did this come about, you ask? Well, N is going out of town to Memphis for the weekend to a BBQ class to learn how to BBQ (long story). We realized later that it was over easter weekend. Now, this isn't a big deal as neither of us really celebrate the holiday other than to enjoy the chocolate goodies that come from it. However, I do always enjoy memories of easter brunch and would like to do that again.

Que in South Pacific... I worked wardrobe for Anchorage Opera's performance of South Pacific. Which got me thinking about "Dirty Dancing". The show that the clubhouse was putting on was South Pacific, which made me want to watch the movie again. Which led to conversations with Sandy about Patrick Swayze movies, and the realization that I've never seen "Roadhouse". Which leads us to decide having a Patrick Swayze movie marathon night. Not something that N would necessarily enjoy, and Sandy hates easter, so what better way to spend my Sunday?

So far we've decided on Dirty Dancing, Roadhouse, The Outsiders, One Last Dance (for the dancing of course), & maybe Donnie Darko. Ghost was soooo not on the list-- can't stand it, way too sappy.

The plan is to have brunch and watch movies all day. Eat chocolate and popcorn... in comfy pajamas... what better way to spend the holiday?
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this should be interesting

Well, crap.

Making banana bread tonight and I just realized the butter was still in the microwave when I went to heat up dinner. I'm not sure what this will do to the bread, but I've got approximately 12 minutes left to find out.

My only hope is since I like to slather butter on the bread *anyhow* that this will not be a missed ingredient.

Yeah, I know. Long shot. But dammit I'm not going to be able to fix it now!
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New Pic!

New image courtesy of my sis. If you have not checked out you really really need to. It is funny as hell and my new icon will make sense after you do. Go look now! Now I say!


Some of you are still reading this. Go look damnit!
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Just two more days...

until I get to visit my sister! Yep, flying down to CO to go visit the big sis for a week. I can't wait! It has been a looong time since I was last in CO, I get to see my sister and my uncle, and a college friend who has popped out two more kids since I last saw her (the total is 4 now). Not to mention sunny weather (altho the weather has turned supernice lately) and a vacation from the hell I call work.

Life is good.

My life in a nutshell

Ran a half marathon today, came in around 2:23:35. Finished strong. Worried I am developing a stress fracture in my shin (again) but felt pretty good today. Tomorrow will be the true test.

Going to go visit my big sis in about 2 weeks. Very excited for several reasons: I get to see her again! I get to visit Colorado which I haven't been to in several years, and I get to see an old college friend of mine and her 4 kids, 2 of which I've never met. Plus gonna go get meself some sunshine!!! We are officially on record here in Anchorage as having the most number of days in a row with rain, and frankly I'm tired of it and want some sun. And thunderstorms.

Work sucks big donkey dick, but that's nothing new. They moved me to a new department and completely violated the contract so we're in the process of grieving their actions. Slow and frustrating but I think it will work out in our favor in the end.

N and I have been working on building a shed today and making lots of progress. I think by the end of the day we will have all but the doors done. Yay! No more bringing the bikes in and out of the house and marking up the walls. I also got the top of the desk stained. Due to weather not really able to mow the lawn. Oh well.

On September 10th going to participate in the Klondike Road Relay which is a relay race that goes from Skagway to Whitehorse. It is sponsored by my work and the other runners are all people who work in the same company as myself, but I'm still going to enjoy myself.

Getting ready for Portland Marathon on 10/10/10. Lots and lots of running. Will be glad to be done with it I think. I'd like to keep up some of the running but the 16miles on Saturday morning are taking their toll. I just get bored of running for that long.

Not sure if I mentioned that we bought a house back in April. Still haven't unpacked everything. I figure that will be a good winter project. I want to make some curtains first. Starting to get dark in the morning and I really hate to fishbowl.

I think that's about it for the moment. Move along, nothing to see here. :-)


Got a massage today and while it was really good I feel completely bruised and beat to hell all over my back, to the point that I don't want N even touching or rubbing it. Ouch

On a lighter note borrow True Blood from a friend on DVD and started watching it tonight. Interesting so far.
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Booteaful moaning

Just got back from doing a little cross-country skiing along the Chester Creek trail this morning. Headed out shortly after the sun came up around 11am and it was such a gorgeous day. A little sore but had a grand time. Maybe I will go out again tomorrow morning while N is at kung fu. I really want to go ski up at Glen Alps sometime this winter, if all works out well maybe next Saturday. I love Alaska.
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